What is MDF

What is MDF?

MDF Shutters are our biggest seller and here’s why we prefer them to Hardwood Shutters.

But what is MDF?

MDF is an acronym for Medium Density Fibreboard. In other words, MDF is an engineered composite wood, made by using wood fibres and bonding them together with resin. MDF manufacturing involves pressing and drying the wood fibres, making them more compact and dense, and therefore more stable. As a result, an MDF board will stand changes in heat and humidity much better than Hardwood.

M - Medium
D - Density
F - Fibreboard

MDF shutters have a very smooth surface, the result of a patented technology which coats the bare MDF with an extruded polypropylene coating. This makes them extremely durable and easy to maintain. While we call our shutters MDF, they do still have a hardwood core which provides a much more robust holding for wood screws.

The robustness of MDF window shutters also make them particularly suitable for playroom or children rooms. MDF shutters are less prone to dent or scratch.

All MDF Shutters come with a 5 year guarantee which is the same as Hardwood so why pay more?

Great low-cost and very popular alternative to MDF