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hygge your home

Hygge Your Home

As the nights draw in we need a bit of joy in our lives to keep us feeling cosy rather than just plain old cold.

This is where the Danish concept of Hygge (or huuga as it is pronounced) comes in. The Danes are experts in finding and celebrating the joys of winter and in 2018 they were ranked the third happiest nation by the UN in their World Happiness report. 

The UK came in 19th place!

Hygge is all about cosy - soft blankets on your sofa, warm drinks, tasty comfort food and bonding activities like board games and books.

You can even do a quiz on the Visit Denmark website to see how hygge you and are admittedly all the results seem to lead to a trip to Denmark : )

Appreciating home

Making your home cosy can be one of the joys of winter, there is nothing better than coming home from work to a warm and inviting home on a cold dark night.

Getting warm

Blocking out drafts is one way to make your home more cosy, make sure you have sealed the gaps in your floorboards and under your skirting boards, get an adorable draft excluder for your front door and add luxurious fabrics throughout your home.

Nesting in your bed or on your sofa

Electric roller blinds help to block drafts from your windows at night and let the precious light in during daylight hours and all from the comfort of your sofa or your bed.

Pile up the blankets at the bottom of your bed and on the back of your sofa so you can add another layer as required all without moving.

Thermal blinds offer another layer of protection against the cold air and can be easily fitted using perfect fit technology to stops draughts entering your room. Perfect fit blinds mean that there are no gaps around the edges as the blinds slip into discrete runners keeping the drafts out of your home. Also great in the Summer for complete blackout.

Maximising your exposure to the daylight

Whilst we all know that getting outdoors is good for us, the winter weather will inevitably see people spending more time indoors. So staying indoors but letting as much daylight in as possible seems like a good compromise on really cold days.

Plantation shutters are the ultimate hygge window dressing, letting the light in but keeping the cold out! The wood is a natural insulator and adds a cosy natural element to your room. For a real Scandi-style look try adding sheepskin rugs and velvet cushions in plain colours that add layers of cosy natural texture to your room.

Scent your home

Candles make your home feel cosier especially when it’s dark outside but they have the added bonus of providing a warming winter scent. Invest in candles that suit your taste. The range of available fragrances is huge from woody scents like fir and cinammon through to spiced orange or pumpkin.

Ultimately though Hygge is a state of mind and it is about making time to savour the little pleasures at home, the glass of mulled wine or cider, home baked biscuits and a good book - it’s about enjoying home and all its comfort.