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Wooden Plantation Shutters

Top quality luxurious natural wood shutters.
simply the best on the market

Made from natural sustainable Basswood.
Kiln dried to suit UK conditions.
Proper mortice and tenon joints.

any style, shape and colour

Natural wood finishes
White and coloured paint finishes.
5 different slat sizes.
Full Hieght, Cafe Style, Bi-Fold or Tracked
Natural Wood, MDF and PVC options

Wooden Plantation Shutters
built to last over 30 years

Not only are these shutters built to last over 30 years but will also add value to your property and could make it easier to sell when your ready to move.

designed, measured, made and fitted

We will help you design, we will measure and get your shutters manufactured to the exact size and fit them as well. And don't forget we have a showroom with a landline number should you need to get hold of us. 


6 incredible ranges of wooden Plantaion Shutters to suit your budget 


Top of the range

Our top-of-the-range Sumatra shutters are crafted from FSC® C112896 certified White Teak, sustainably sourced from a plantation on the Solomon Islands. Premium White Teak is one of the world’s finest quality timbers, and as a fast-growing tree species, is both a sustainable and ethical hardwood.


High-grade ABS Plastic

Unlike the other S:CRAFT shutter ranges, Java is crafted from high-grade ABS (acrylonile butadiene styrene), a more robust alternative to cheaper vinyl, shutters. ABS is a hard, lightweight plastic that is used for a range of purposes due to its shock absorbing properties.


Natural Stained Wood

Crafted from sustainable and premium quality hardwoods, Fiji provides a wide range of customisation options, perfectly fitting the designs in your imagination. The stained option is crafted from Paulownia, one of the world’s fastest growing tree species, maturing in under 10 years, also known for the natural beauty of its grain.


5 Shades of White

Cuba shutters are our entry-level hardwood range, combining style and practicality. A blend of robust MDF frame and hardwood shutter panels offers great value, reducing the weight of the shutter, and providing wooden shutters at an affordable price.


Choose from the large selection of blocks

Crafted from a seamless blend of painted MDF, with ABS louvres, Bermuda shutters offer a number of extra design choices beyond our entry-level Antigua range. With a choice of 28 stylish colour choices, the frame and panels are painted to an incredibly high standard, providing a more natural finish for the shutters.


Don't limit yourself to just one platform

The Antigua range is an entry-level premium product made from MDF, covered with an extruded polypropylene coating. Available in most of our popular styles, Antigua has a high-quality finish, making it a versatile and durable choice for your home.

Sumatra Features

FSC® C112896 certified sustainable White Teak

Choice of 28 paint colours and 20 stain colours

Custom colour option
Smooth finish to tight wood grain

6 elliptical louvre sizes ranging from 32mm to 114mm, and 2 sizes of flat louvre (60mm and 80mm)

Curved and angled special shapes available

Java Features

Made from lightweight and hardwearing ABS

Fully water resistant

Choice of 6 popular shades of white

Available in 5 louvre sizes, ranging from 47mm to 114mm.

Fiji Features

Beautiful wood stain option

Painted range manufactured from quality hardwoods

Choice of 28 paint colours and 28 stain colours

Custom colour paint option

Available in 7 louvre sizes ranging from 32mm to 114mm

Curved and angled special shapes available
Sustainable hardwood

Cuba Features

Real hardwood panels

Choice of 6 colours

Available in 4 Louvre sizes ranging from 47mm to 89mm

Not suitable for special shapes

Bermuda Features

Crafted from high quality MDF, with ABS louvres

Choice of 28 stylish colours and 10 optional hinge colours

Available in 5 Louvre sizes: 47mm, 64mm, 76mm, 89mm, and 114mm

Angled special shapes possible, such as triangles

Antigua Anywhere

High quality MDF

Choice of 5 shades of white

Available in 5 Louvre sizes: 47mm, 64mm, 76mm, 89mm, and 114mm

Not suitable for large installations or special shapes

Designed, Measured, Made & Fitted?

Complete service from start to finish.
For Portsmouth, Fareham, Havant, Waterloovile & sorrounding areas of Hampshire.

Full Height

with or without midrail

Being the most popular style, Full height shutters allow you to cover the whole window. Supplied with or without mid rails that can be central or offset to suit your window glazing bars.

Tier on Tier

split top and bottom

Tier on tier shutters have two independent sets of Shutters, one above the other in the same frame with the split either central or offset in-line with the window glazing bar, a good option for sash windows.

Cafe Style

bottom half only

Cafe style shutters only cover from the bottom up to a point witch is usually to match the window glazing bars, split exactly half way or up to the fanlights. Great for allowing more light in were your not necessarily overlooked..


cover larger areas

Tracked shutters are ideal for covering much larger areas such Patio or French Doors. Multiple panels fold back on each on a track at the top and optionally at the bottom too. Can also be used as a room divider.

Introducing the Portchester Range

Phoenix Blinds are the first company in the country to install these amazing Aluminium Security Shutters.
Aluminium Shutters - Portchester Range

Shutters are one of our most popular products that we sell but we are hugely excited to announce the new “Portchester Range” of Aluminium Security Shutters.

This product is very popular in Europe and we think it’s the most attractive Security Shutter we have seen but we’ll let you make your mind up.

White Ali Shutters - Portchester Range

It has all the style of our Wooden Shutters but with the added advantage of been made from Aluminium with a unique locking system.

We were the 1st company to sell the “Portchester Range” and our team fitted the order today (9/11/17). 

White Aluminium Shutters - Portchester Range

• Aluminium
• 10 year guarantee
• Full locking mechanism
• Stylish Security option
• 4 week delivery 

For the new Portchester Range of Aluminium Security Shutters and any other enquiries
call our sales team on Portsmouth (023) 92 82 99 33
email us on
visit our award winning showroom at 199 Milton Road in Southsea PO4 8PH.

Quality, Style, Luxury and VALUE?

Yes, our amazing Shutters will last a lifetime and actually add value to your property

Other Companies said "It Can't Be Done"

Here at Phoenix not only did we say "yes" it can be done, we went on and did it.

One Happy Customer

Our customer got several companies in to quote for this job they all said that it was not possible to put a cat flap in the shutters, the customer was delighted when Phoenix went the extra mile and found a solution and even more delighted with the results, the job looks fabulous.

And One Happy Cat

The cat flap was cut into a blank panel in the corner of the bottom panel. Having the expertise, patience and will to hehp and investigate all of the options resulting in a very happy customer and one happy cat.  

(023) 92 82 99 33

to arrange a free no obligation quotation